The BeardMat

The BeardMat
A three-foot square non-stick fabric attaches to your mirror and covers your sink and countertop when you trim your beard or mustache. When you're done, simply detach the BeardMat and slide the hair trimmings into the trash where they belong.
$ 14.99

The Problem

An unfortunate side-effect of having a well-groomed beard or mustache is the hair clippings that result from trimming facial hair. They get everywhere and they're a huge pain to clean up.

The Solution

The BeardMat is a simple solution to a frustrating problem. It attaches to your mirror with suction cups to cover your sink and countertops while you trim your facial hair, saving you tons of cleanup time. When you're done, the hair slides right off the BeardMat's non-stick fabric and into the trash, where it belongs.